Communication and Media Company

19 Jul

Communication is the guide to life. This blog is a creation of Margie Mushkin and features original content and must haves from one of the world’s premier communication and media companies.  It is a blog about MBM Editing, words, writing, editing and other oddities.  Margie Mushkin gained notoriety as a journalist and new media columnist that has inspired thousands with her communication influence.

Her company, MBM Editing, enhances communications, creates powerful documents, impresses readers and achieves new solutions for written challenges.  Mushkin gained notoriety as Editor in Chief of a downtown weekly newspaper that bested the daily news by reporting securing the financing necessary for the construction of one of California’s largest outdoor shopping malls.  Senior editor with extensive communication experience, including editing, writing, marketing, public relations and researching articles for publications with a local and national reach.

Mushkin has conceived of, written and edited articles for both online and traditional print media.  The blog is a window into the life of one of media’s rising stars and the adventures of the globetrotting communication company.  Visit the blog at and the Web Site.t



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