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11 Sep

This blog is the creation of MBM Editing, LLC.  The eponymous blog,, features business information, crisp imagery and an enthusiasm for writing, communications and small business.  The interesting vibe and vision make the blog easy to relate to, full of services and products and easy to follow.  It is an online stop for writers and readers.  Check out the complete MBM Editing blog with the link on the About tab of the website.

Focus: Use Different Ways of Seeing the World for Success and Influence by Heidi Grant Halvorson and E. Tony Higgins is about wanting to experience pleasure and avoid pain. There are two kinds of pleasure and pain that motivate everything we do. The groundbreaking research discusses understanding how people focus, how you have the power to motivate yourself and everyone around you.  Halvorson and Higgins explain how focus applies across a wide range of situations from selling products to managing employees to raising children to getting a second date.

focus_halvorson_rt100 copy

 MBM Editing is a communications company specializing in editing, writing, marketing, public relations and research services.  Provider of structure, style and organization processes to enhance communications.

In this age of rushing to put content in e-mail, on the Internet, writing anything may become a challenge or a problem.  There is certainly a greater risk of liability for both libel and invasion of privacy because things get put up on the Internet and sent via e-mail without thinking things through or seeking assistance from an accomplished editor even if you have completed a couple of read throughs or used a computer assisted spell and grammar check prior to positing it.  Whether it is published in print or published on the Web, the more the pressure to get things up quickly, the more you have the potential for having trouble.  Resolution includes retaining the editing, proofreading, writing, marketing, promotional outreach and research services of an accomplished editor.  Credibility takes a hit without the support of MBM Editing, LLC.

Please visit to participate in monthly giveaways, special promotions, rewards and savings and get the most updated information.  See how it is changing the economy, the communication culture and the world around us.

We deliver techniques, insights, tactics and tools and provide resources, next steps and communication answers to enrich your life, business and written communications.  Expert advice and practical know that delivers results. Listen to communication news with greater understanding.  We produce powerful information and empower readers.  We have a reputation for our outstanding service, quality and reliability and utilize teamwork and collaboration techniques.

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