Word Wizard

11 Jun

Give yourself the ability to stay out of communication problems and detach from heated situations. We deliver practical, actionable and relevant guidance for communicating with a purpose. Experience a journey that will inspire, enlighten and bind you through the power of an energizing, shared aesthetic experience.

Ever wonder who the person is behind an educational article you read, a blog post you find or an informative news media story you see? Chances are that person is a professional writer, editor or journalist. Meet the president of a company that is accomplished in all three of these roles. Margie Mushkin formed MBM Editing in 2007.

MBM Editing is a communications company specializing in editing, writing, marketing, public relations and research services. Her path to becoming a business owner was one of determination and years of building expertise as an accomplished writer, reporter and editor.

MBM Editing, now with seasoned editors, writers and proofreaders, is providing writing solutions and improving the quality of documents for individuals, academic students and business professionals and achieving greater impact and attention with readers. Through creativity, enhancement, clarity, structure, style, organization and optimum word usage, the company brings efficiency and precision to written works without compromising the original message.

The company’s outstanding customer service principles are the structure and basis of their operations. They deliver quality services offering friendly, polite and efficient support. Everything we do begins and ends with our desire to anticipate and fulfill the needs of our customers. Interfacing
with our customers to be our greatest joy and greatest source of feedback. What incredible fountains of information, constructive feedback and validation your information continues to be. Getting your situation right continues to be our obsession. Your feedback is invaluable to that effort.

A few writing and editing tips include organizing your documents with your readers’ needs in mind. Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases. Utilize powerful sentences and word usage. Be specific, concrete and positive.

Each MBM Editing project is something that Margie Mushkin is proud to put her signature on. Throughout the process, every detail and decision is carefully planned to ensure the original vision for the communication project is achieved. Developing trust in the relationships with clients that we develop is a result of our wealth of experience, proficient customer service and going the extra mile to create powerful documentation and satisfaction.

Mention this blog article to receive a 10% discount on first time orders. For more information or a quote, call 619-933-3773 or visit http://www.mbmediting.com. We look forward to serving all of your communication needs.


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