Support Structure

6 Jan

You bring the pencil.  We bring the enlightenment, encouragement and resolutions.  Even the most carefully crafted messages can be derailed by spelling and grammar mistakes.  It shows a lack of professionalism and can negatively affect the perception of your business or individuality.  You might try using y the spelling and grammar checker on your computer as efficiently as possible.   However, professional editors are detailed and effective and can keep your reputation completely intact.

If you just write, you can get by.  But if you skillfully, intimately and deeply communicate, you can work miracles.   Many people mistake talking with communicating.  Talking is mostly about the person who is talking.  Communicating is mostly about how MBM Editing can make people work earnestly, write more proactively and be effective in what you intend to accomplish.

Our Skills and Expertise

MBM Editing collaborates with our customers and we bring our ideas together to create effective communications.  We talk ideas through and deliver original ideas, create an action plan and produce powerful communications that empower the author and impress readers.  We frame a winning message that cuts through the clutter and connects with writers’ deepest concerns, hopes and intentions.

We specialize in editing, writing, marketing, public relations and research services for individuals, students and business professionals.  We provide words and writing that captures the essence of your message and resonates with your readers.  Building on the success of our flagship program, we feature a Web Site to present our portfolio of services and goods on line.  We present techniques and initiatives for delivering impressive communications.  Through creative research, knowledge in content and communication education, we use leading edge tactics, techniques and technologies to uncover new opportunities for communication tied to emerging trends and user behavior.

Creativity, organization, structure, grammar, punctuation and document flow are some of the procedures used in a thorough editing and proofreading process to deliver messages that impress readership, empower the author and produce effective results.  Revision is a necessary part of the proofreading process but can be frustrating without proper guidelines and feedback.  Good editing will enhance your work and dramatically improve documentation without compromising the original message.

Having a professional editor look over your documents will bring a level of efficiency and precision to your writing not found in computer programming. The phrase “get a second set of eyes” still rings true.  A relative might assist you.  However, skilled editors are meticulous craftsmen capable of enhancing original material and turning them into masterpieces for a particular purpose and audience and can turn the average writer into a powerful communicator.

Let us know how we may assist all of your communication needs.  Please contact us by e-mail at, visit us on line at,or reach us by telephone at (619)-933-3773  for more information or a quote. 


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