Insights, Tactics & Solutions

8 Oct

MBM Editing is an established communications company offering editing, writing, marketing and research services for document education.  We maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity throughout all of our company operations. By establishing a collaborative partnership with our clients, we proactively interact with them to share knowledge and receive feedback resulting in the best possible outcome for documents from start to finish.

We provide insights to enrich your documents and tactics to further your business and future.  We offer expert advice and practical know how that delivers powerful results.  We provide personal privacy and offer a membership in that ensures working toward achieving your communication goals remains confidential.  Focused, individual attention and a tailored action plan help you succeed.  A uniquely personal experience with hands on help when you need it from trusted advisors, coaches and communication specialists.

Get 5% back on initial orders. That’s right.  With our promotions program, you will automatically earn a 5% credit with each eligible initial order you purchase.  It is the very definition of a rewarding experience.  You belong to the most effective membership discount program in the communications industry.  Established charges and fees are some of the lowest in the industry and further customer discount opportunities will be posted directly on the Web site to honor our customers.  Visit  for discount updates and to learn how and where MBM Editing can save you money.

We continue to invest in our community to ensure that no individual faces a communication dilemma alone.  Each issue, problem or obstacle has a different solution and resolution that are available to you when you step ahead and contact MBM Editing to resolve your documentation issues.  Our strength as accomplished editors and writers is a combination of our talents, skills and wealth of business and life experiences.   We provide quality documentation and powerful communications.

MBM Editing assists you in getting your communication planning on track and keeping it there.  We are here to help you get answers to key questions.  We answer the questions below which serve as a sample response.  Answer the questions for yourself and see how MBM Editing can assist you in accomplishing your communication goals.

How do I get on the right communication track?

MBM Editing demonstrates solutions that are changing how we collect and manage communication data that can be used to create and validate written documents and defend editing, writing and research requests.  We assist you in avoiding unintentional blunders and eliminating errors in syntax, grammar and punctuation and document flow.  We deliver insights, tactics and answers and provide a tailored action plan.  We utilize a systematic approach and structure and have a proven methodology and practice communication initiatives.

Do I need to save more to reach my communication goals? 

MBM Editing prices and fees are some of the lowest in the industry.  We are intentional about keeping our prices affordable to honor our customers.  Services you can trust at a price you can afford.

What communication strategy should I consider?

MBM Editing enhances communications, creates powerful documents, impresses readers and achieves new solutions for written challenges.  We recognize document deficiencies and establish corrective actions.  Our processes include correction, expansion, organization, structure, style and other modifications to improve your writing without compromising the original message. We provide editing, writing, marketing and research applications which increase your operational effectiveness and produce reader satisfaction. Individuals, academic students and business professionals are provided with actionable insights and solutions by leveraging unique customer service industry benchmarks.  You will receive invaluable insights, tactics, next steps and answers by working with MBM Editing.

Visit us at, e-mail or contact us directly at (619) 933-3773 for more information or a quote.  We look forward to serving your communication needs.


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