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22 Aug

In this age of rushing to put content in e-mail, correspondence or on the Internet, writing anything may become a challenge or a problem.  There is certainly a greater risk of liability for both libel and invasion of privacy because things get put up on the Internet and sent via e-mail without thinking things through or seeking assistance from an accomplished editor even if you have completed a couple of  troughs or used a computer assisted spell and grammar check prior to positing it.  Whether it is published in print or published on the Web, the more the pressure to get things up quickly, the more you have the potential for having trouble.  A resolution includes retaining the editing, proofreading and writing services of an accomplished editor.  Credibility takes a hit without that support.

MBM Editing  specializes in marketing, editing,writing and research services which are supported by our emphasis on outstanding customer service values.  Good written communication is authentic, honest, relevant and makes people think.  We are known for producing powerful communications and enhancing information for greater impact and attention with readers.  Now is the time for us to come together to turn your communication dreams and aspirations into reality.  The need for the effective management and detailed infrastructure of written documentation has never been greater.  Tight budgets make it more critical than ever for individuals, private industry and public institutions to maintain and improve existing written communications and ensure that they efficiently support readers in concert with communication goals.

 Organizations with strong processes and systems for assessing documentation, prioritizing requirements and documenting the impact of alternative scenarios are best positioned to advance their communication objectives in a changing environment. We deliver insights, tactics, next steps and answers.

 MBM Editing processes and procedures include:

  •  Assessing systems and current conditions to prioritize everyone’s strategic communication goals.
  • Developing metrics for assisting individuals, academicians and business organizations with outstanding written documentation.
  • Gathering condition data to evaluate best practices to enhance documents for greater impact and attention with readers.
  • Recognizing document deficiencies and establishing corrective actions.
  • Understanding the criticality and validity of editorial effectiveness involved in developing informational and impressive written documentation.

 MBM Editing strategists, editors and writers deliver invaluable insights, tactics and answers, give trusted, unbiased advice, help you make the right business decisions and point you to new communicating opportunities.  A critical aspect in developing credible written communications is the validity of the underlying data.  One of the benefits of gathering accurate data is not only that the true originating condition becomes clear but also that it results in a benchmark to analyze the effect of document improvements without compromising original messaging.  MBM Editing benchmark procedures include correction, enhancement, structure, style and organization processes.  We are able to identify your strengths and areas of challenge in developing written documentation.  We secure the best solutions for effective, strategic communication plans.

We are dedicated to improving, enhancing and preserving your vision through advanced and state of the art procedures.  Let proven results determine your editor. Contact MBM Editing today. Visit or phone 619-933-3773 to learn more.


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