Proof Is In The Pudding

24 May

MBM Editing specializes in marketing, editing, writing and research services for individual, academic and business clients.  We provide structure, style and organizations processes and enhance words for greater impact and attention.

Solid writing skills are more important than ever before.  Writing is back at the forefront of importance to business.  You probably communicate more often in writing rather than other forms of communication.   Those written messages are developed sometimes quickly and can result in stressful hours in the hot seat later.  With MBM Editing you will deliver the exact message you intend, impress the reader and achieve the positive results we deliver.

MBM Editing  develops a personal tailored communication plan for each and every client.  Obtain the expertise you require to make all your written communications shine.  We offer suggestions, tips and utilize techniques that guaranty every message and document you write will be polished and on target, representing both you and your organization in a professional manner.

Written documentation is a personal or business marketing tool, not only a statement of facts. We assist you in keeping your comments concise and focused on your key information points.  It is necessary to let go of information that does not market you for your current goal and readers.   Every word in the document should sell your communications value to a potential reader.  Report information in detail and state information with all necessary terms included when working with MBM Editing.

MBM Editing specializes in research papers, thesis and dissertations, business plans, proposals, manuals, books and published materials, articles, brochures, manuscripts, promotional collateral and marketing materials.  Our skill set includes the elimination of grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, poor punctuation and inappropriate quotation marks, subject and verb disagreements, sentence fragments and extensive lengths.  Apostrophes, comma usage, capitalization, tenses, structure, theme, organization and audience appropriateness are handled appropriately.  Our command of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, thematic content and style is unparalleled.

MBM Editing provides friendly, polite and expert customer service, including anticipating customer needs, suggesting alternatives, addressing problem issues and has the ability to meet those needs satisfactorily.  MBM Editing is a company that provides real, personal attention to clients.  You will always be treated like a valued customer.   You get clear information and personal guidance to help you make informed choices and decisions   MBM Editing  is there for you every step of the way.

MBM Editing develops and enhances written communications, creates powerful documents, impresses readers and achieves new solutions for written challenges.  Contact us at or (619) 933-3773 for further information or a quote.


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