Mass Media ABCs

3 Nov

You put a lot of effort, heart and detail for into written documents for your readers and audiences to understand. MBM Editing promises to treat any editing or writing with the utmost respect to enhance the integrity of your materials. Getting your writing where you want it is our commitment and guaranty. Experienced writers, editors, marketers and researchers with more than 20 years of communications experience improving documents, impressing readership with professional editing and proofreading, marketing and research as well as spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph paraphrasing and complete satisfaction. Materials will be organized by purpose and audience. Your production process will be streamlined and you will save an enormous amount of time by our focusing on improving your writing without distorting your original thought process. Productivity will be increased through a clear and specific message.

MBM Editing enhances your words without compromising your messages.  Documents obtain greater impact, power and attention with readers through creativity, clarity, style, grammar, punctuation, structure and word usage. Our specialty services include editing and writing professional and academic papers, reports, articles, letters, e-mails, essays, manuscripts, published works and books. Our services are of the highest quality and are respected in the most reputable companies in the industry. By using our editing, proofreading and writing services, you will receive results you can trust to provide accurate, measurable data to identify and effect positive growth and change. Our approach includes exceptional customer service, attention to detail, guaranty of work, safe and secure document transfer methods and detailed communication processes.  MBM Editing advances the business of communications by achieving greater impact and attention with readers, producing new solutions for written challenges and creating exceptional value for our clients.

MBM Editing is dedicated to improving the quality of challenges to written efforts. We are raising the standards of writing and editing, creating a new media environment and developing mass media excellence. We specialize in research papers, thesis and dissertations, business plans, press releases, proposals, manuals, books and published materials, articles, brochures, manuscripts, promotional collateral and guaranty of work. Grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, punctuation & quotation marks, subject and verb disagreements, sentence fragments and lengths, apostrophes, comma usage, capitalization, tenses, structure and theme, organization and audience appropriateness are addressed.  MBM Editing command of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, thematic content and style is unparalleled. MBM Editing enhances communications, creates powerful documents, empowers readers and achieves new solutions for written challenges. We advance the business of communications by achieving greater impact and attention with readers, producing new solutions for written challenges and creating exceptional value for our clients. We continue to listen to you, our customer, to develop solutions that exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions about our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact the MBM Editing support center at  or 619-933-3773 for further information or a quote.



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