Advocate For Writers and Readers

25 Oct

A writer puts pen paper, computer key to word processor to create a written document to convey information in a clear and efficient manner.  Most writers rely on the effectiveness of spelling and grammar functions within their software programs to tighten up each presentation.  An editor is a skilled craftsman qualified to enhance original material to deliver a masterpiece that turns the average writer into a powerful communicator.  Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure,  paragraph paraphrasing and document flow are some of the procedures involved in the editing and proofreading process to deliver messages that impress readership, empower the author and produce outstanding result.  Revision is a necessary part of the editing and proofreading process but can be frustrating without the proper feedback, structure, organization and guidelines.  Professional Writers and Editors are skilled craftsmen and have the expertise required to navigate the morass of mundane and average written materials.

Once you have put your thoughts into creating a document that expresses your ideas, it is common practice to contact an editor who has the ability to expand on your original document to create a communication that delivers a powerful message specific to your readership that is logical, easy to understand and in a clean format.   Editors are skilled to take the strain out of composing and type of document.  They can streamline your writing process and save time by focusing on what to write instead of how to write it.  Writers and Editors have the ability to turn complex information into powerful messages by identifying creative and actionable solutions that work in the real world.

Discover new approaches and opportunities for the improvement of documentation by working with an editor.  This will offer you the ability to achieve high performance results for your written challenges and leverage best practices from submitting neat, organized and clearly expressed communications that vault writers to the front of the pack.  They are skilled craftsmen able to identify the challenges and opportunities to produce applications that increase your operational effectiveness and reader satisfaction.  Writers, Editors and Marketers use principles, techniques and a disciplined approach to streamline your writing process by focusing on communicating more effectively to achieve fuller and richer results.

For further information, please contact Margie Mushkin of  MBM Editing directly at (619) 933-3773 or visit us at



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